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Services & Price Listings

The services shared below offer a variety of ways to engage with Egbe's expertise and the extensive reach of Egbe Connect, providing value and impact across different formats and platforms.


Utilize the platform of Egbe Connect's Socials (FB/IG with over 40K followers) to reach a broader audience.

Standard Post: $25 (Includes 2 photos)

  • Each additional photo: +$5

  • Video post (up to 5 minutes): +$10


Write-Up Options:

  • Client’s Write-Up: $10 per paragraph

  • Egbe Connect Write-Up: $50 (Includes up to 2 photos, $5 for each additional photo)


General Post Types:

  • Birthday Announcements

  • Birthday Celebrations

  • Wedding Anniversaries

  • Graduations

  • Class Reunions

  • Congratulations (Promotions, Installations, etc.)


Other Post Types:

  • Obituary: $10 (1 picture)

  • Funeral Programs: $10

  • Event Flyer (Alumni, Cultural Groups, Business, etc.): $50

1hr Live Feed on Egbe Connect: $500
($100 for each additional hour)


Interview or

Chat | $100/hr

  • Engage in a compelling one-on-one interview or chat session with Egbe, a seasoned professional in her field. This service allows for an in-depth conversation, providing insights and perspectives unique to Egbe's expertise. The session, lasting up to an hour, offers a platform for detailed discussion on a variety of topics tailored to your interests.

Panel/Discussion Participation | $250/$300

  • Incorporate Egbe's expertise into your panel discussions or debates. For $250, she will participate in discussions, adding valuable insights and perspectives. For a more interactive role, including moderation or leading a panel, the fee is $300, ensuring an engaging and informative session for all attendees.

Sustained Promotion of an Entity/Business:

  • Daily for a week: $1000
  • Weekly (4/5 times a month): $1000

  • Monthly for a year: $750 Leverage Egbe Connect's platform to promote your business or entity. Choose from daily promotions for a week, weekly promotions throughout a month, or a comprehensive year-long monthly promotion. These sustained campaigns are designed to enhance visibility and engagement for your brand.

Keynote, Motivational Speaking, etc. | $500

  • Book Egbe for keynote speeches, motivational talks, or other speaking engagements to inspire and enlighten your audience. With a wealth of experience and a captivating presence, Egbe delivers powerful messages tailored to your event's theme. Note that this fee does not cover airfare and lodging expenses.

Master of

Ceremonies: $750

  • Elevate your event with Egbe's professional EmCee services. With her charismatic and engaging style, Egbe will keep your event flowing smoothly, ensuring that all segments transition seamlessly while maintaining the audience's interest and energy.

Voting Drives or 


  • For the campaign/voting season (up to 4 weeks): $150 ($200 with Egbe Connect Write-Up)

  • For just 1 day: $50 Support your campaign or voting initiative with Egbe Connect's targeted promotion services. Whether you need a single day of promotion or a sustained campaign over four weeks, Egbe offers strategic visibility to drive your message home. Opt for an additional Egbe Connect Write-Up for enhanced impact.

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