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Meet  Egbe

Egbe Etonde Mbiwan Monjimbo, prolific author, radio producer, and profound educator is the youngest child born to Ebai and Elizabeth Mbiwan in November 1964 in the southwest region of Cameroon, West Africa.

Throughout her childhood, she attended a myriad of exceptional schools, including Saker Baptist College, Limbe - a prestigious all girls boarding school for her secondary education. She graduated from Cameroon College of Arts Science and Technology and received degrees from Université Jean Moulin in Lyon, France and the University of Yaoundé. In 1988, she earned her master’s degree and began working as a Translator at the Ministry of National Education in Yaoundé. However, in 1990 she decided to venture into teaching and moved to the United States several years later where she continued her career in education.

In 2020, Egbe entered the world of radio broadcasting quite unexpectedly, yet quickly amassed fans internationally as she launched “The Musings & Music Show” on VosaWorld Radio. Egbe is the creator of her illustrious blog, SakerPride, which documents and archives the beautiful evolution of her alma mater and has been viewed in over 130 countries. This popular website organically morphed into her first printed publication, full of timeless photos and rich history, titled “Victoria’s Jewel: Saker Pride” released in 2022 to an overwhelming response. 

Egbe is an avid reader, who loves music, loves to sing, watch movies, and discover new places. She is married to Emmanuel Luma Monjimbo, and they have two beautiful children, Manuela and George. Above all, Egbe deeply loves her family, friends, and God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit giving Him all the glory. 

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Saker Pride

The SakerPride movement was founded May 1, 2012, by Egbe Etonde Mbiwan Monjimbo as she sought to capture the rich history of Saker Baptist College, Limbe, a prestigious all girls boarding school. Nestled along the picturesque coast of West Africa, ensconced between Mount Fako and the Atlantic Ocean, in Cameroon lies this hidden treasure affectionately known as the “Victorian Jewel” which is truly where SakerPride began. It was her determination to uncover, document and archive the history and evolution of her alma mater for posterity.

 SakerPride has grown over the years from strength to strength and by leaps and bounds. Today, Egbe has managed to expand the SakerPride legacy and secured it for future generations in various media forms including a blog viewed worldwide, a beautiful 5-star reviewed book on available on Amazon, and an international radio show “The Musings and Music Show” heard on VosaWorld Radio.


Nestled along the picturesque coast of West Africa, ensconced between Mount Fako and the Atlantic Ocean in Cameroon lies a hidden treasure, Saker Baptist College. It is nearly impossible to gather all the detailed history from this esteemed institution into the essence of one mere book. However, Saker Baptist College Historian, Alumna, and Author, Egbe Mbiwan Monjimbo, has managed to beautifully capture, craft, and collate firsthand, eyewitness accounts, unedited narratives, artifacts, and an incredible collection of photos which testifies to the rich legacy of Saker Baptist College. This incredible project of love will serve as an affectionate reminder of the past and pave a magnificent path into the future of all things Saker Baptist College.

Victorias Jewel

"Musings with Egbe” is a powerful international show designed to bring awareness, foster hope, and connect you with various entrepreneurs and differing cultures worldwide! Hesitant at first from the urging of a friend, Egbe quickly found her niche as a talk show host during the 2020 pandemic and has grown what started as a hobby into a beautiful gift to the community at large. Join Egbe and her wonderful guests and what some of this amazing works has to offer with you!!!

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